The Rum Diary

By cmwlovespopcorn
Written October 29, 2011
We were disappointed...slow moving, a few funny moments, a few entertaining moments, and alot of so-so- moments. Thought Johnny Depp would provide a much more fulfilling movie experience. His performance was ok, the body of the film just did not deliver.We were the 1st in the theater on the opening night..and the 1st to leave at the end of the film.
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Snoring of a good time!

Written November 04, 2011
Well, not even being elevated watching this movie did it improve in any way. I hate to rate if bad only cuz I'm a Johnny fan but even his acting was or his character was a disappointment :( I agree with everyone, the story was slow hence me falling asleep a bunch of time, kept waking up hoping it would get better but nope. I still don't even know what the point of this movie was. Maybe I'll give it another chance when it's free on cable. Johnny, take my $12 as a faith of my devotion to you but you won't get another $12 for a 2nd chance. Can't wait for Pirates!
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Good Movie...

By CBritain
Written November 01, 2011
Rum Diary is a good movie...It had some great moments of humor. The actors were great!!! There is a sex scene but it is done very tastefully. I wouldn't bringThe scenery was gorgeous!!! I want to visit Puerto Rico some day!!!
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Hunter Was Justified

By caitlincaggiano
Written November 06, 2011
This was, by far, the greatest of Johnny Depp's work. I have never watched a film that had so much integrity. You can clearly see how much Johnny Depp cared to share Hunter's story. Depp loved the man & now the world knows what a great soul Hunter truly was. Depp channelled Hunter's energy perfectly. I feel as if the audience was shown a part of Hunter's soul that only Depp knew. I have always loved Johnny Depp, but after watching The Rum Diary I have a completely new respect for the man. To truly appreciate the film, one should understand the backstory. What Johnny Depp did to get this movie made is incredible. This story of a man finding his voice will never be forgotten. I hope people will give this movie a chance. They will not regret it.
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Very Enjoyable!

By catsinla
Written November 04, 2011
This story based on a novel by writer, Hunter Thompson, was well worth the money. After a big disappointment in Three Musketeers, this film leaves you very satisfied. You'll feel very much a part of the story - setting, characters, plot - and if you feel as we did at the end, you'll say you enjoyed the story. Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart and Texan, Amber Heard never looked better in contrast to the amazing acting of good friends but used up characters played Michael Rispoli and Giovanni Ribisi. It's a really good film - surprisingly!
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