The Rum Diary Synopsis
A journalist travels to Puerto Rico and becomes entangled with an attractive American woman.
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Slow, Boring, and not funny

By Gigity
I came into this movie not really knowing what to expect, and left highly disappointed. It was not funny in the least and the polt was boring and dry. Don't waste your time or money....

Rum Diary

By mogeyman
If you are any kind of fan of Hunter Thompson its a must see. If you're a die-hard Johnny Depp fan you'll be rewarded with a performance that's not simply dialed in. Plus, because of the subject...

Rum and more Rum

By Shady Bogeyman
If you are a Hunter S.T. fan, well, get yer ***off the couch and go. A must see if in fact it is a real (factual) prequel and not a made for Depp story. Either way, don't expect the Fear and...

For the love of everything that's good, don't see this movie

By sak473
It's dull and slow moving with no plot or point. People were walking out in the middle of the movie (and there weren't that many in the theater to begin with). This movie will be out of theaters...

Don't Bother

By matthewc
This was one of the worst movies Jonny Depp has ever been in. This was a pointless storyline that went no where, very very slow and confusing. I ended up walking out of the movie after 50 min, and...

The Rum Diary

By cmwlovespopcorn
We were disappointed...slow moving, a few funny moments, a few entertaining moments, and alot of so-so- moments. Thought Johnny Depp would provide a much more fulfilling movie experience. His...

Snoring of a good time!

Well, not even being elevated watching this movie did it improve in any way. I hate to rate if bad only cuz I'm a Johnny fan but even his acting was or his character was a disappointment :( I agree...

Good Movie...

By CBritain
Rum Diary is a good movie...It had some great moments of humor. The actors were great!!! There is a sex scene but it is done very tastefully. I wouldn't bringThe scenery was gorgeous!!! I want to...

Hunter Was Justified

By caitlincaggiano
This was, by far, the greatest of Johnny Depp's work. I have never watched a film that had so much integrity. You can clearly see how much Johnny Depp cared to share Hunter's story. Depp loved the...

Very Enjoyable!

By catsinla
This story based on a novel by writer, Hunter Thompson, was well worth the money. After a big disappointment in Three Musketeers, this film leaves you very satisfied. You'll feel very much a part...

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Rated R | For language, sexuality and brief drug use
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Common Sense Media says Hazy, rum-soaked cult classic in the making for adults only.
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