Written April 04, 2008
I just saw the free press preview of this 1.5 hour laugh-fest B-'horror' flick adaptation of the novel with the same title.. The three positive things I have to say about 'The Ruins' are:- 1) Jena Malone (Pride and Prejudice) gave a nice performance. 2) The movie was THANKFULLY short. 3) It was hilarious - almost like a self-deprecating parody of cliches and bad dialogues. Plot? WHAT plot??? A group of friends decided to go check-out a off-the-beaten path ruin in search of missing persons. And yes, you probably knew this already, they started dying one after the other - suc***bing to some climbing questing succulent, & etc... (nah, I won't spoil it for you). And that's basically THE story. Period. Oh, majority of the audience were laughing themselves silly throughout the movie. The movie suffered from a really lame weak ending as well. Don't RUIN your movie-going experience, pick another movie to see or wait for the DVD-release rental(likely in a month or so).
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THE WORST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By lilbeauti
Written April 04, 2008
I signed up for this website just because I had to say this was the worst movie I have ever seen. Absolutely no horror, no background, the "bad" element of the film is a total joke. This film is more gory than anything and even the gory parts are kind of a joke. The acting is okay, the cinematography is nothing special, it's just super lame. It took everything I had in me to sit through the whole movie. I haven't seen the book but I am certain someone would find this crap compared to a novel. Don't waste your time or money I wouldn't even rent it on DVD.
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By Just73Gray
Written April 04, 2008
PLEASE WAIT UNITL YOU HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN THE MOVIE TO REVIEW IT!!!! I am tired of getting on here and trying to find out honest fans reviews and then have people saying how they think the movie is going to be amazing or how it will be awful before they have even seen the movie. I am trying to obtain objective fan reviews from people who have actually gone to see the movie, NOT some person telling me their inmpression of the previews. So for the love of God please wait to rate the movie until you have actually watched it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Creepy......goosebumps style.......

By scarface77
Written April 17, 2008
Entering this movie...All I expected was some T&A and the usual girl walking alone in the jungle scenes....When leaving I have to say that I will NEVER go to any jungle attractions of any kind.......Very creepy......the element that holds the strange story together...are the locals by the ruins....The story becomes very believable after you see how devoted these locals are......at containing this problem.....Must see....for the new angle of horror......
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a mess!

By eyeful
Written April 10, 2008
no surprise... another horrible adaptation of a decent novel i shudder to think how much money was wasted producing this stinky pile of dreck i couldn't muster any sympathy for the flat, clichéd characters the big payoff was the taunting flowers and they worked much better on the page. stay away from the ruins!!!
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