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By echadwick354
Written December 27, 2014
I've seen this ballet countless times with various wonderful dancers. Up till now my favorite performance was Makarova/Barishnikov. This was even better. The principal dancers were peerless and the corps de ballet especially good.
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Boutiful ballet

By junenew
Written December 20, 2014
I thought Giselle was outstanding in all aspects of judging. The cinemotography, music, costuming all made the excellent cast even more enjoyable. Spoils one for local ballet presentations/
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By snorton1354
Written September 30, 2014
The Royal Ballet's production of "Giselle," which aired last night at movie theatres, was absolutely spectacular. The Russian ballerina Natalia O defied gravity in her leaps. Her male partner was wonderful as well. And the corps de ballet, the Wilies, were incredibly precise and beautiful. It was very helpful to see the accompanying videos of the various dancers and their rehearsal process. Total enjoyable and affordable evening.
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Giselle - Royal Ballet.

By C Lawson
Written December 26, 2014
This was a showing by the Royal Opera House Live. The ballet was excellent and I really enjoyed not only the whole enstage performance, but the backstage interviews and peeks. I will definetly come back to see other productions from the ROH, ballet and opera and any other theatrical showings.
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what a pleasure to see a performance from the Royal Opera House

By john876
Written March 29, 2015
To see the space, to watch that curtain rise, to hear the spectacular I was fortunate to live in London for 15 years and spent well over 100 evenings in that space. This was very much the next best thing to being there. The conductor and music were outstanding. The corps was oh so perfect. Giselle is not my favorite ballet and I've never been that fond of the score but to hear and see a world class performance like this was breathtaking. Thank you for making performances like this available...and please give us more! It is always a challenge to bring a live performance to screen. An ever present risk is capturing a medium designed to be seen in one format and bringing to another format..essentially turning a stage performance into a movie or a TV show. On the whole, the camerawork was unobtrusive but I do wish there would have been fewer closeups and I really don't like it when part of the corps is cut out. But I'm being finicky here...By all means see this!
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