• Released
  • June 13, 2014
  • (6/13 - LA/NY; 6/20 - Wide)
  • R , 1 hr 42 min
  • Drama

The Rover

By robertstyles85
Written June 27, 2014
Great performance by Guy Pearce! The epitome of a dystopian pop apocalyptic existential film. It is Mad Max on steroids! I recommend all people that have open minds watch this film.
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By tmartinetti
Written June 30, 2014
Don't bother! For those of you who have seen Babel, this is worse! Pointless and boring. My friend slept, blessedly, through half of the movie. If you have an option between having a root canal and watching this movie, take the root canal.
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The Rover was Well Worth the Ticket Price

By Latte_lover
Written June 22, 2014
This isn't my usual genre, but I was intrigued by all the positive reviews since it debuted at Cannes. I'm glad I saw it. It was stark and often disturbing, but riveting. People who need a lot of dialogue to understand the plot won't get that here. But they will get a beautifully shot and perfectly-acted film. Guy Pearce was spot-on, as usual, but Robert Pattinson was the real stunner. I understand now why so many reviews raved about his performance. His seamless portrayal of Rey seemed so natural, never forced. I forgot who I was watching entirely. Pattinson was brilliant. The Rover won't be everyone's cup of tea simply because it's so bleak, but it's well worth a step outside your regular fare.
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The Rover

By dontreildaniel
Written July 19, 2014
In the typical "Summer Blockbuster" crap o'rama that Hollywood churns out year after year it's refreshing to see a film that the actors actually um...acted. And did so sans a veil of computer special effects or awash in a bloated runaway production budget. The characters are simple, well formed but duplicitous and the story is fast paced while remaining compelling and concise.
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By calebspicer
Written June 13, 2014
I thought it was shot very beautifully but it dragged very slowly with little dialog...
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