• Released
  • June 13, 2014
  • (6/13 - LA/NY; 6/20 - Wide)
  • R , 1 hr 42 min
  • Drama

The Rover

By Gvirella06
Written June 20, 2014
Excellent film
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Intense but slow drama

By ericlawsonlending
Written June 23, 2014
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Future Razzie Worst Picture (zero stars)

By Airjstn
Written June 24, 2014
A story worth about 10 min dragged into seemingly 10 hours. Awful, just awful. No depth to the story, not characters. About 300 words total in the entire movie. No clue how the producers got two notable actors to star in this movie. Wannabe Mad Max/ Citizen Kane, but fails miserably.
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By 12valleau
Written June 26, 2014
It's an Australian production so think about the first Mad Max minus the action. The acting is good, but the film is not interesting at all. The only reason I watched the whole thing was because I paid for it.
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Outstanding a Must Watch for 2014

By NassaDane
Written June 27, 2014
Second movie from the great and up in coming Aussie director David Michôd. And boy does it deliver. This film has a wonderfully bleak but poignant snap shot of a possible post apocalyptic future. Following one of the most clashing duos. The suspense is top notch here. Many a Post Apocalyptic films have come out but this one makes it feel fresh and always keeps you on the edge of your seat. Each new area they stop at brings so much uncertainty. Some how Michôd has crafted such a scary and believable world that you're almost forced to hold your breath in anticipation the entire time. The characters are beautiful in their faults. Every shot matters. Most action movies people die but here every bullet makes you jump and you feel the death. Just like Guy's characters strong lines paraphrased "Don't ever forget about a life you've took. That's the price of taking it." A eloquent overview of the whole film really. Definitely definitely a must see. Thoroughly entertaining and never dull.
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