A Newfound Classic

By mikecozzi95
Written March 09, 2015
The immense joy, shock, and awe I experienced after watching this masterpiece cannot be accurately described by mere human words. This critic will attempt to convey the supernal illustriousness of the film. An allegory diving deep into the folly of man, The Room seeks to expunge the true nature of man by satirizing the daily come-and-go lifestyle that replaces individuality with complacency. The truly groundbreaking factor of the movie was the wonderful acting of all the characters. The actors take on characters with multiple dimensions and combine their craft flawlessly with the script. If you did not like this movie, you obviously have no taste for true culture or the cinema.
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By lizzywho
Written April 29, 2013
This is the worst movie of all time. Bad writing, acting, cinematography, editing, the works. As such, everyone must see it.
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Some movies are so poorly done that they must be watched over and over.

By thomasnapack
Written March 23, 2009
The Room is a directed, produced, starred, and written by Tommy Wiseau who presents many of the midnight screenings. He seems totally oblivious to the real reason people come over and over to see his film. The acting is so bad it's hilarious. The plot and characters, beyond the main infidelity story, seem as undeveloped and disconnected afterthoughts. Example, there are scenes of people uninterestedly tossing around a football. It seems contrived and in one scene everyone is wearing tuxedos. What is said about the characters goes unexplained, mostly due to the Tommy's refusal to show and not tell the interplay. For instance, we are told probably 20 times that Mark is Johnny's best friend but we never really see it. In fact saying it over and over, considering Mark is sleeping with Johnny's fiancee, makes it seem completely untrue. Oh and the same sex scene is blatantly used twice. It's a riot with a theater full of ppl who get that it's total crap. Just don't tell Tommy.
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The Room: Great Movie Or GREATEST Movie?

By bdiggly
Written April 28, 2009
The Room is an amazing movie that's difficult to encapsulate in a single, brief review. Not only is the acting and writing top-notch, but the sets are of amazing quality and I just can't get enough of the Golden Gate Bridge, a desire that few -if any- other movies have been able to satisfy quite like The Room. Additionally, as a life-long advocate of the joys of extremely close-range football tossing, I have a personal connection to The Room that makes it even more special than would otherwise have been the case. You should see this movie, because only somebody like Denny would miss out on it. I mean, really, what the hell is wrong with you, Denny?
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By ablima
Written April 28, 2009
A complete cult. Be prepared.
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