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Some Girls

By wynent
Written October 19, 2011
It was terrific, way more than I expected--great performers at the top of their game. Not just a curiosity, but a full-blown Stones set unencumbered by the giant stages, blow-up dolls and assorted spectacles we've become used to in recent decades. This is a stripped-down, in-yer-face rock'n'roll blowout in a smallish theater devoid of everything but the music, delivered here with panache and energy. Get this DVD and turn it UP! Thanks to our home-town production heroes who jumped in at the last minute--literally--and captured this seething little gem. NB: Having said this, I will never use Fandango again for any reason. Their online ticketing apparatus is clumsy and inaccurate, with a very unfriendly telephone customer assistance program to match. Mentioning this to the theater attendants on duty I found that my concerns were confirmed by them as well. Cinemark deserves a better partner; it reminded me of the old Ticketmaster.
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It was almost like being there

By movies2themax
Written July 24, 2014
I wasn't in Texas in 1978 to see this Rolling Stones concert -- but I felt like I was after seeing this wonderful vintage film. The music of the Rolling Stones and the showmanship of Mick Jagger just does not age! Love - love - loved it!!!!
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The Rolling Stones Live in Texas

By lynaberry
Written October 20, 2011
It was totally worth seeing. I'm a rock autiobiography & concert fan so this was awesome!
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mick rocks!!!

By rlern
Written October 19, 2011
there is no greater band in the history of music like the Stones!!! This was an awesome concert and interview with Mick!
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The Rolling Stones Live in Texas 1978

By hwysgt1
Written October 19, 2011
Great movie with great sound. Felt like I was there. Looking foward to buying the DVD of this concert.
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