The Rolling Stones Live in Texas 1978 Synopsis
A Rolling Stones concert filmed in Fort Worth, Texas, during 1978's acclaimed "Some Girls" tour.

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Great Music

By joyc1146
The show was great...fantastic music. There were problems with the there were long interruptions ...ended up getting our money back. Aside from that, it was a great step back in time....

The Rolling Stones Live in Texas 1978

By Stratlanta
A fine record of the band on stage at a critical point in their story. Band energy is very high and puts to rest charges by critics who complained that the Rolling Stones couldn't play live. Fun....

Dancing in the theatre seats!!!

By fayrene
I have always been a fan of the Stones but this movie took me back to a special time when I had turned twenty one and started partying with dance. It began with a current interview with Mick, who gave...

The Rolling Stones Live in Texas 1978

By Helena Cherylina
It was fun to see the concert from 1978. Thought it was alot of fun and was happy to share it with my 17 year old son! The only thing I could have wished there was less of was the interview at the...

The Rolling Stones live from Ft.Worth, Tx. 1978

By garyvassarproject
Wow! I loved this film from the moment it started.It does have adult language and playfulness but what a show! I kinda wished i had been older in 1978 just to witness this great event. You hear a lot...


Felt 33 again, for a short while anyway. Video not up to todays standard but best to be expected with 78 technology. The sound was better than expected!!!!!!! What a trip, minus the roach!!!! Got...

Keith rocks and Mick is not so affected

By Trauffaut Fan
I loved the movie. Sound was great. Energy was great. The songs were great and the guys were having fun and working it. This appears to be a fairly intimate venue; before the Stones played...

The Rolling Stones Livein Texas 1978

By goatsheadsoup
This is the Stones best concert film. The Stones showed that they can play their new songs as good as their older songs. This is the Stones in 1978 and they rocked. Beast of Burden,Miss You, Just My...

It's a gas, gas, gas!

By billwyman
The Rolling Stones, raw and primal, glam and punk, kicking it hard down in Texas. This doc is being released on DVD in November, but I'm so glad I saw it on the big screen: the close-ups of Mick and...


By jarsen1
Great concert movie, Stones at their peak, fabulous guitar work Begininng interview with Jagger (now, looking back) was very interesting, pointing out how much of his Some Girls writing and...

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