Rocky Horror

By bugsmithgirl
Written October 30, 2007
I went to the movie because my daughter and her friend wanted to go again. Rocky Horror is not my cup of tea. The movie itself was different but not something I was interested in seeing when I was a teenager nor am I interested now. I couldn't acually hear the movie because the theatre we were at had actors playing the movie out during the movie and hollering things for the movie characters to answer. Weird, if you ask me.
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Rocky Horror Picture Show

By spimatt
Written November 02, 2009
A BLAST !!!!!
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By pcbarker
Written April 04, 2013
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Rocky Horror Picture Show...woot woot!

By dragoninya
Written July 27, 2009
I just went for the first time and laughed my tail off the whole time. The cast is awesome and I like the variety of actors.The audience participation makes it even better. You have to have seen the movie to follow the show as the cast talks over the movie at points. Definitely not a show to take the kids to but makes a fun night out for adults!
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Rent once... then go see it live.

By BrianG_80
Written August 23, 2009
The RHPS is a movie that can't just be watched... it must be lived and experienced. For any of you RHPS virgins out there... if you live in any major population area, just do an internet search and find a theater that plays it, then go see it and bring your toast and an open mind. This movie is a cult phenomenon and even if you don't like Tim Curry (which makes you of poor taste at best), you should see it at least twice in your life (once alone to see how bad it is and once with an audience to see how great it CAN be).
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