By wavemaker55
Written July 30, 2007
Watching paint peel would have been more enjoyable but then again, I am 56 years old, what can I say !
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gold rocky

By VSkipa20
Written November 01, 2007
the cast did a great job, but i sat right in front of the crew and i couldn't hear the original lines because the crew would shout out EVERY 'fan' line. otherwise, it was pretty good. you do have to have a sense of humor.
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

By punkrocker95
Written April 25, 2009
Is the best movie in the world. I love this movie sooooo much. It's such an amazing ride through such a bizzare world. It's a cult classic that will never die! I hear that MTV is making a remake though.. =( They are going to ruin it! Besides that, This is a great movie, and if you haven't seen it yet, you should go rent/buy it and watch it! The first thing you hear on the DVD menu is Dr.Frank-N-Furter saying "Welcome. To the Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD. Garunteed to thrill you, Chill you, and forfill you. So come up to the lab, and see whats on the slab!" and just wait, after you become a fan of this movie, you'll be repeating all kinds of quotes from this awesome cult classic! =D Me and my friends still do at school!
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If you enjoy the movie, you'll love it in the theatre

By luckyduckeyy
Written June 19, 2007
This isn't for the faint of heart or anyone under the age of 18...it's raunchier than the movie but you should already know that. The audience participation is great and the actors are hilarious. The show is really spontaneous and is different every time you go. If you're bored one Saturday night I would recommend heading out to see this movie. It's a once in a lifetime experience!!
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always a good time

By acegrl450
Written November 01, 2007
this was my millionth time seeing the movie, but only my second time seeing the live show. it's definitely a lot of fun and i recommend it to anyone!
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