By Juggs64
Written December 07, 2011
I have always loved this movie but my 16 y/o daughter and my wife had never had the experiance of seeing this movie live. Well, when we went, not only were the predictable crazies there but "Back Door Productions" had a mini stage of the misc props from the movie setup in front of the stage, complete with items from the lab ect.... All the characters were represented, some better than others. Needless to say more that the expected questions to answer during and after the show due to a cross dressing lead character the had taped and tucked you know what and left everything else exposed in a black see-through outfit. We were treated to a unique version of the film that started out in black and white until the "Timewarp" began then turned into color as expected. Overalll, it was a uniquely interesting experiance. The movie of course is entertaining, but to have local actors\college students that werent even born at movie release time was too much.
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By juhnean
Written November 02, 2012
This was my first time attending an interactive viewing of Rocky, and I LOVED IT. Mind you, I was a fan of Rocky beforehand, so that may have a lot to do with it. It's important to keep in mind that there is a cult-like-following, and it's possible that the content may be too risque, but for the most part, it was a ton of fun.
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show review

By ErikMarie_3
Written October 06, 2011
How can you not go to a midnight showing of TRHPS, dressed up, dancing, and throwing toast? It's a must for everyone at least once. ^_^
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ALWAYS a fantastic show,

By torfroland
Written November 16, 2013
The New to me BRAD at the Cinnebarre Charlotte is cute as a button as Brad, SUCH talent ! he knew it all ,, This group is really shaping up ! ! ITS A MUST SEE ! at least a few times
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Absolutely NOT SOLD AS A PORN RING!!!!

By heigoteach
Written October 28, 2012
Absolutely worst show ever put on by a group of freaks using AMC tickets for movies to push their agenda of orgeys and spreading their disease! I just do not support this & am absolutely offended to see it in public. It IS NOT ok for these people to be NAKED. YES TOTALLY NAKED in a public movie theatre talking about free blow jobs in the Universal parking lot after the show. Shame on you & trust that I will continue to complain about it to the appropriate people. AND YES to those of you who say, "if you don't like that sort if thing, don't go!" That is obvious, but it was NOT sold as anything more than a live MOVIE! It was in no way stated as crude, disgusting, naked people who are touching each other in public. You would have thought I had entered the back door of a bathhouse. I viewed the movies of how this was to be shown, I called for details about it & it was NEVER sold as being molested. I am seriously surprised that the floor didn't drop out to an underground prostitution ring.
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