You will NEVER get it out of your head!

By blestme
Written September 14, 2013
GO see this movie! You will NEVER get it out of your head! ~;D
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By Brit07
Written April 22, 2008
This movie is def one of my favorites no matter what!!!! It is just an all-around fun movie! Tim Currey is great so is Susan Sarandon! If you like having a good time and a good laugh watch this movie. This is not a movie for those who cannot handle sexual related humor, themes or any sort of that, and absolutely not a movie for kids...i was even to young to watch it when i first saw it..but i understand it now. lol :D Anyways this is one movie you have to watch if you can handle it, otherwise you will just hate it.
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Don't Dream It....Be It

By willowwind
Written April 05, 2014
Funnest movie night out you'll ever have. Do yourself a favor and google the props and shout backs and participate!!
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By ableom
Written June 26, 2007
I have never watched the movie but with the the actors they made it funny as hell. If you want a good laugh this would be where to go for night
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Rocky Horror Review

By theoriesgirl816
Written November 02, 2008
This show was absolutely amazing! If you enjoy crazy, artsy, out of the ordinary movies, this would definitely be a great one to see. If you go see it at midnight in Harvard Square and you really get into the whole spirit of it (trying not to fall asleep), it is so much fun! I went on Halloween with my friends and just the fact that I was finally aloud to go got me really excited and then I was anticipating the excitement of the pre-show (which is amazing) and the movie and the whole experience surpassed my expectations.
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