By kelseycutiepie
Written November 01, 2013
My favorite movie. Funny scenes with catchy tunes!!
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Let's do the time warp again!!!!!!!!!

By inlovewithlove06
Written October 31, 2007
It is an amazing movie and when it is done with a live cast of people doing commentary and interacting with it is great. The songs are hilarious and the acting is brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone. However, it is rated R so take caution when decided whether or not to take your children with you because it does get raunchy.
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rocky horror

By andreinaeslava
Written November 01, 2011
they took wayyyyyy too long to start the actually movie. but one it started... it was great!!! they did a really good job
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

By AValosD
Written November 17, 2013
This cult classic is not the best movie ever made. However, the live cast performing a spoof while the movie is playing makes it very entertaining. Purchase a prop bag from the cast to make the experience interactive and fun.
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Rocky Horror Picture Show

By eberns
Written November 01, 2009
This was a great night! I saw the first Halloween show of the weekend and it was amazing--DEFINITELY the best way to loose my Rocky Horror virginity. Full Body Cast does a great job keeping you entertained, even when you're outside of the theater waiting to enter. The cast also did a great job making the show a communal experience by involving and engaging the whole audience. If you're open minded and live in the Boston area, Rocky Horror is something you MUST experience. Do be forewarned, this show is not for the weak of heart or mind. Go in costume and bring a group of friends!
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