Rocky Horror Picture Show

By daiseyleu
Written March 17, 2014
The movie speaks for itself but the live cast did an amazing job...the guy in the front row had the BEST call backs and it was a great time for all!
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Five Word Review

By Scalpel_Slut95
Written March 06, 2010
Wonderful Twisted Unique Cult-Classic Funny
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Rocky Horror ....

By jhefner1
Written October 27, 2013
Movie is always the same, but the audience is the real event. The "Type Cast" was awsome and I won "who's Your Daddy." What's not to like?
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36 years watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show and it is more fun every time.

By NWSolarJohn
Written March 16, 2014
A dizzying experience, made all the more so by the wonderful shadow cast at the theater. With a crowd who knows the props, lyrics, dance moves, and audience call-outs every show is different and every showing is fun! There is always the fun of indoctrinating virgins (first timers) to the RHPS. You only get to be a RHPS virgin once so enjoy it, I have never seen anyone die having their cherry popped at The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So bring a Virgin to the next RHPS you go to so you can watch them squirm. I have seen RHPS hundreds of times since 1978 and every time is a unique experience! Don't dream it be it!
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Let's do the time warp again!!!!!!!!!

By inlovewithlove06
Written October 31, 2007
It is an amazing movie and when it is done with a live cast of people doing commentary and interacting with it is great. The songs are hilarious and the acting is brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone. However, it is rated R so take caution when decided whether or not to take your children with you because it does get raunchy.
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