By xxkarmaxx
Written August 29, 2016
This was a funny movie. I suggest you go see it.
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Predictable, yet very funny

By sharxfan2
Written July 02, 2008
I saw a sneak preview of this movie the other night. I enjoyed it very much. There were many laugh out loud moments. I think I may see it again. It is nice to see Rainn Wilson in such a great role. I hope this movie does very well.
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Nice Surprise

By RandytheMovieFan
Written June 25, 2008
What a fun movie! I probably won't remember much of it a week from now, but the performances were good, the plot was a decent mishmash of many movies you've probably seen before ("That Thing You Do" and 'School of Rock' immediately come to mind), the music was excellent and the humor was continuous, ranging from old-fashioned slapstick to "This is Spinal Tap" farce to Will Ferrell-type body work to YouTube generation inventiveness. It did make me feel old to see Christina Applegate playing the mom of a son who is the age of Kelly Bundy, but I'll get over it. By the way, don't know why the movie is Not Rated yet, but it felt like a very mild PG-13 bordering on PG.
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Pretty Funny! Some memorable lines!

By MrJoshua
Written August 29, 2008
I was kind of expecting this to be another cheesy movie that I'd regret seeing, but since it had Dwight (The Office) in it, I had to see it. It was hilarious! I went to see it a 2nd time with another friend. There are some great lines in, a few things you keep thinking about later on that makes you laugh. I recommend this movie if you like slapstick comedies. It was pretty clean, too. No nudity, other than Dwight's butt, which was just hilarious, not sexual at all. It had a few dirty jokes, but nothing crazy.
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Unexpected Wonderful Surprise

By TedK817
Written August 17, 2008
Despite the unusually bad poster, THE ROCKER turns out to be a wonderful surprise of a movie. A comedy about (mostly) young people (and one who isn't) that doesn't dip into gross-out/scatological "humor". With a lot of unexpected sweetness along with some killer dead-on humor, this is sort of a 21st Century THAT THING YOU DO!. Rainn Wilson is terrific as the ex-80's Heavy Metal drummer who tries to grow up, but ... The younger cast is really likable and and solid. And the music is actually pretty darned good, too. I'll definitely be seeing this one again while it's in the theaters.
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