The Rocker Synopsis
A failed drummer (Rainn Wilson) gets a second chance at fame when he joins his young nephew's band.
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By xxkarmaxx
This was a funny movie. I suggest you go see it....

Predictable, yet very funny

By sharxfan2
I saw a sneak preview of this movie the other night. I enjoyed it very much. There were many laugh out loud moments. I think I may see it again. It is nice to see Rainn Wilson in such a great...

Nice Surprise

By RandytheMovieFan
What a fun movie! I probably won't remember much of it a week from now, but the performances were good, the plot was a decent mishmash of many movies you've probably seen before ("That Thing You Do"...

Pretty Funny! Some memorable lines!

By MrJoshua
I was kind of expecting this to be another cheesy movie that I'd regret seeing, but since it had Dwight (The Office) in it, I had to see it. It was hilarious! I went to see it a 2nd time with...

Unexpected Wonderful Surprise

By TedK817
Despite the unusually bad poster, THE ROCKER turns out to be a wonderful surprise of a movie. A comedy about (mostly) young people (and one who isn't) that doesn't dip into gross-out/scatological...

Finally an original comedy thats ORIGINAL and SMART - not stupid.

By Izzys2Dudes
I don't know what movie the two over-worked morons below me saw, but I just saw an advanced preview and the film was awesome. R Wilson really surprised me - completely different from his role on the...


By Mr.Man1919
This movie is gonna own it has Dwight from the office it'll be awesome. I can tell this movie is gonna own!!!!!!!...

Fairly tight for a small movie

By t_starr
This was a surprisingly good flick. A nice combo of goofy and sweet with more than a couple "yeah, been there" moments....

Horrible Movie

By murphy101
Horrible movie clips. Dreadful soundtrack. Not worth the price of a ticket. Two thumbs down!...

Waay f'ing better than I thought

By StewieB
Fact. After seeing many of our longtime favorites who i still like crash and burn (Semi Pro, Drilbit Taylor) it was awesome to see one of favorite characters from TV make a really funny movie. It...

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Rated PG-13 | For drug and sexual references, nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says Some laughs, but this is no School of Rock.
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