Ummm...I should;ve had one for road b4 seeing this...

By equus001
Written June 03, 2012
I am a lover of all things horror, suspense, gore, etc.....this movie unfortunately made me laugh instead of being entertaining. I lauged bec i spent $7.50 on it. The idea of it was interesting, but the movie was slow and really was amateur level. The gore in the movie was the kind of thing I could do at home. I've had better looking gore and blood on me for halloween than this movie had. Like their budget was a couple bucks. Don't waste your hard earned money. Very disappointing.
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A creepy, atnospheric film

By chambertlo
Written February 15, 2015
I was not expecting much from this film, but after the credits started rolling I realized just how emotionally invested I was in the characters and the events of this movie. There are so many subtle hints of what is really going on, that when you finally realize what was going on all along, you are left with that feeling of satisfaction that only a good film can produce. It's amazing how a low budget Filipino film can accomplish what few big budget American movies try to, with actors that are extremely talented and a script that was obviously crafted with care. Go see it if you simply enjoy good movies; it wasn't scary in the traditional sense of the term, but the creepiness of it will stay with you for a long time afterwards.
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By Spark_98
Written May 12, 2012
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By kottachelous
Written May 13, 2012
storyline was terrible. not scary at all. save your money.
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By jawahootini
Written May 13, 2012
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