Difficult but unforgettable

By springs-eternal
Written November 09, 2009
How do I recommend this movie to those who cannot face reality or profound emotions? I know very few people who spend much time engaged in deep philosophical analysis of their lives or the world around them, and yet in my humble opinion this is what is missing from our world.. This is an exquisite film which is deeply difficult to watch or come to terms with. It leads you down the same path its characters travel. It essentially puts you beside them - without hope and with little to no faith in your fellow man. It consistently does not throw the viewer any kind of rope or safety net to hold on to, and so you are plunged into the depths of dark emotion with no way out. This is not a place I have ever wanted to go and yet, once there, I find I cannot stop thinking about the implications and ramifications of our choices as human beings. The performances are perfection and are truly an honor to behold. My deepest admiration and respect for Viggo and the way he conducts his life continues
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The Road

By nateleedogg
Written November 09, 2008
If anyone has not read this book, you cannot properly judge this movie. The book was fascinating and it was the quickest read of my life. This looks like an exceptional cast and I guarantee this movie will chill you, move you, probably make you cry. I can't wait. The only criticism I might have is that the book didn't really describe what had happened to the world. It kept me wanting more, but in the end I found that it was a story of hope. See this movie!
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The Road

By cathy_b
Written November 09, 2009
I was fortunate enough to see a sneak preview of "The Road" on Nov 6 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The movie is very beautiful--the cinematography is the best I've seen in a long time. The performances were all very good. Viggo Mortensen gave a very good performance and Kodi Smit McPhee was just terrific as the boy. He's a pretty remarkable actor for someone so young. I will say this much for the film--it isn't for everyone. The themes are very dark (this movie is not for the kids) and the ending is a little more uplifting than the book, but not by much. I believe that the movie is a lot easier to follow if you've read the book. Otherwise, you may find it to be confusing. It is definitely one of the better book-to-movie adaptations that I've seen.
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This is not Mad Max

By moodrojam
Written February 13, 2009
I saw a work-in-progress advanced screening yesterday. As the title suggested, and the preliminary screen shots I saw since last summer, I was thinking it's going to be like Mad Max. Why? Because the brief description of "post-apocalyptic world", along with the screen shots showing only guys with guns and knives is very misleading. Unfortunately, this film's description was something to describe the background and scenery. It turned out to be an emotional griping film about survival, morals, and father-son relationships. I was personally disappointed since I was expecting something completely else, and something threw up a red flag when I saw the theater was full of women. Yes it was a chick flick. Sure there were a few scenes of thrills, with subtle graphic depictions of cannibalism, including a woman running while looking like she just got out of a hair salon, the rest was about the father and son sitting around talking, arguing, and evolving emotionally.
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Best Apocalyptic Film in Years (but not for the TV Babies)

By harmonicp
Written December 01, 2009
This film certainly seems to provoke mixed reactions. Many of the published reviews I've read are either favorable or unfavorable based on how well the critic thinks film stacks up against the Pulitzer Prize-winning book. I haven't read it, and therefore have no basis for comparison. So for me the questions is: did the filmmakers and actors succeed in creating something beautiful, truthful and timeless? For my money: YES, and let's add to that list of descriptors "heartbreaking", "disturbing" and "haunting". Movie fans hoping for "Armageddon" or "The Terminator" will be disappointed in this vision of the apocalypse. There are few pyrotechnics, almost no SPFX, and the pacing is slow - more "2001" than "2012". Like "Children of Men", it requires an actual attention span and a stomach for melancholy, which is apparently too much to ask of many viewers. But for those who can appreciate the grim atmosphere, exquisite acting and all-too-believable premise and dialogue, this film is a gem.
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