There Will Be AMAZEMENT!

By cuttingroomfloor
Written December 17, 2007
Want to see a film that might soon be considered one of the best ever made? Then see THERE WILL BE BLOOD, Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece. For the less pop-culturally aware, this film comes from the director of BOOGIE NIGHTS & MAGNOLIA. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Those movies were weird!". Yes, they were. As great as they were, I can safely say there's nothing weird about TWBB. It is simply brilliant. Loosely based on Upton Sinclair's 1927 novel "Oil", TWBB tells the story of Daniel Planview (DDL) a driven oil-man in every sense of the word. Plainview talks the talk like the best of them, but the film focuses on the manner by which he walks the walk. The 'walk' in this story is the challenge he faces embarking on his latest oil prospect. Supporting performances by Paul Dano as faithful Eli Sunday, & Dillon Freaser as Planiview's son are fantastic. The film's tech aspects are flawless, notably the score by Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood. For parents, I think the title says it
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A Masterpiece

By collin6554
Written February 02, 2008
"There Will Be Blood" is an incredibly polarizing film. Take for example when I saw it with some friends of mine. After the film was over, I applauded. A friend of mine said, "That was stupid. We then proceeded to argue for the rest of the night. The basic thing about "There Will Be Blood" is that you can't go into it expecting to get something out of it. Much like the protagonist, Daniel Plainview (the out of this world Daniel Day-Lewis), this film has nothing to give. All it asks is that you sit back and enjoy the story that the master that is Paul Thomas Anderson is about to unravel for you. Similarly, don't go into this film expecting to be uplifted. My Dad goes to films to be uplifted, and he left this one sorely disappointed. All that said, this is an absolute masterpiece that will very soon be counted amongst the top films of all time. "I drink your milkshake! I drink it up! DRAINAGE!"
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Reach Exceeds Its Grasp

Written April 09, 2008
The majority of the mainstream critics must have seen something in this movie that I missed, as I found it to be a pretty, but disjointed mess with lots of yelling but very little actual character development. I don't quite understand why, in a movie that seems at least partially designed as a slam on money-grubbing capitalism in general, and the oil business in particular, Standard Oil was portrayed in such a sympathetic fashion, nor what the point of the whole underdeveloped religious subtheme really was. If it was just your standard "Big Money and Big Religion" are corrupt message, then those proclaming this movie a modern masterpiece have some serious explaining to do.
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hated it

By stork666
Written April 10, 2008
Sure Daniel Day Lewis can act, no doubt about it. But the plot is depressing, depressing, depressing. Who needs it? I hated this movie
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a smidge overrated.

By rosettamarie
Written May 11, 2008
I will mention first that I shouldn't even have to mention Daniel Day Lewis' BRILLIANT acting in this role (that voice!). And Paul Dano? He will see a great amount of success in his future. Overall though, I found the plot to be a bit banal. I think this is partly because I had such high expectations for the story. I did enjoy it throughout, but I only noticed the film's greatness at its end... great final scene. I don't agree with TWBB's award for Best Cinematography (I will never forgive the Academy for not giving that to Atonement). This movie progresses a bit slowly because it is a bit long with a blatant underdevelopment of subplots. But this allows for the focus to be placed on Plainview and his eery ruthlessness, which I suppose is the essence of the film. I don't think this is Paul Thomas Anderson's greatest film, but it may be for Daniel Day Lewis. I won't forget that role any time soon! I would recommend this to anyone looking for an interesting character to witness.
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