There Will be Blood Synopsis
Family, greed, religion and oil center around a turn-of-the-century Texas prospector.
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There Will Be AMAZEMENT!

By cuttingroomfloor
Want to see a film that might soon be considered one of the best ever made? Then see THERE WILL BE BLOOD, Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece. For the less pop-culturally aware, this film comes from...

A Masterpiece

By collin6554
"There Will Be Blood" is an incredibly polarizing film. Take for example when I saw it with some friends of mine. After the film was over, I applauded. A friend of mine said, "That was stupid. We...

Reach Exceeds Its Grasp

The majority of the mainstream critics must have seen something in this movie that I missed, as I found it to be a pretty, but disjointed mess with lots of yelling but very little actual character...

hated it

By stork666
Sure Daniel Day Lewis can act, no doubt about it. But the plot is depressing, depressing, depressing. Who needs it? I hated this movie...

a smidge overrated.

By rosettamarie
I will mention first that I shouldn't even have to mention Daniel Day Lewis' BRILLIANT acting in this role (that voice!). And Paul Dano? He will see a great amount of success in his future. Overall...

There Will Be Blood

By lotrs
I think this is a beautifully made film. I highly recommend you see this film....

There Will Be Blood

By katiebrens
This movie was superb -- great story that moves along quickly (it doesn’t feel like 2.5 hours!). Daniel Day Lewis was brilliant as Plainview, the oil man whose greed overwhelms. He embodies his...

daniel day is great

By dcoach
Like watching a one act play ,one person play with no plot. What a disappointment....

There will be boredom

By damob
Well that time is gone from my life never to be had again. Left the cinema uninspired, unentertained and even uneducated. Sure Daniel Day-Lewis puts in a good performance, but the quirky character...

There Will Be Blood at the end of the movie

By cesarvivas
PTA was in close-up city on this one and the prophet kid seemed to be in over his head the whole time. All that said, i loved this movie. One of the best i've seen in theatres in a long time. daniel...

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Rated R | For some violence
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Common Sense Media says Slow-moving, somber drama is too mature for kids.
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