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What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Revolutionary Optimists is a documentary that explores how children in India's slums are empowered to be agents of change. There isn't anything too edgy in the movie aside from one adult's story about having been sexually abused when he was 6, but the featured kids live in a state of squalor and poverty that's unimaginable to most moviegoers. Expect discussion of domestic abuse and child labor, as well as hunger and lack of education. But this isn't a tale of sadness; it's a story that will encourage kids to find their voice, take a stand, and lobby for their rights.
  • Families can talk about documentaries. Do you want to see more true/real stories with your family? How are documentaries different from reality TV?
  • Talk about child labor and how these kids have so little. Does that make their actions even more admirable?
  • Discuss how poverty in other countries can be even more difficult to overcome than poverty in the United States. What are the cultural issues and prejudices at play in keeping the kids in these slums?
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