Where is this movie going?

By madmax46
Written November 20, 2006

The plot is revealed in the last few minutes but should have been developed throughout the movie.  A lot of shaky and unsteady camera shots from the victims perspective makes some scenes difficult to watch.  Most of the suspense is the 'jump out from around the corner' type.  There are two side-stories that are not well developed.  One is Gellar's relationship with her father, the other is with a man she meets mid-way through the movie as he protects her from the unwanted and violent advances of a male co-worker.

Some of the scenes and action are unrealistic, showing Gellar sleeping through the night in the middle of a freshly plowed farm field, staying in an incredibly seedy hotel in a small town, running (and crawling) through the pens in a cattle auction in the middle of the day.  The scenes were difficult to accept and the lines between reality, flashback, and fantasy were non-existent.

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The worst movie ever

By movie__lover1
Written November 20, 2006

The movie was terrible it was all over the place and it didnt really make sense.  the previews make it out to be such a thriller i am still waiting for the suspense.

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By Paulfrank98
Written December 02, 2006

This movie is great I can not wait to see this movie on DVD. When I was looking for showtime for this movie I saw the other ratings and I almost did not want to go and then I told myself that everybody has different opinions so I went to go see it and I absolutly loved it afer the movie was over I automatically rated this movie my favorite. But again you should go and see it yourself to see if its a good movie for you. Also you should no that it is not scary at all, however there are a few parts that make you jump but over all to to much on the horror factor. This movie does make you think a little but only a moron wouldnt understand it.

But really my advice to you is to give it a try.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE you wont regret it.

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Liked It!

By HelloItsMe
Written November 22, 2006
This is a thinker's movie. Not fast-paced but interesting. You have to pay attention, and when you do the surprises mount. If you don't like thinking, you won't like this one. Loved the ending!
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The Return

By bdog15
Written November 18, 2006
This movie sucked this was Sarah's worst movie ever & I really like her
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