The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts Synopsis
In the 80s, Jake “The Snake” was among the most famous pro wrestlers in the world. 30 years later, he has lost his family and his fortune to his reckless lifestyle. Waiting to die, an old student helps Jake rediscover himself before it’s too late.

Movie Reviews

Finding a new Destiny

By Schmel
An amazing story, very raw, very honest. Showing that even at your darkest time you can find your way back with the help of a friend or two, you just have to believe in yourself and want to get back....

Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts

By ggd417
Absolutely fantastic. Story was heavy hearted and told like a screwed up fairytail. A must see for any wrestling fan, as well person dealing with the struggles of addiction....

Loved it

By kkaalaas
Powerful movie about people struggling with life's problems and getting hope and making a comeback...

Great Documentary!

By deecee318
It could be nostalgia speaking but this is my favorite movie this year. Especially since DDP, Jake and Razor showed up for a Q&A afterwards....

Doc with heart and soul

By bniforth
An appealing documentary and a must for wrestling fans (that would not be me). The uplifting story of the fall and redemption of Jake the Snake Roberts through the goodness of Diamond Dallas Page and...