There's No Place Like Utopia Synopsis
Filmmaker Joel Gilbert travels across America confronting progressives.
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Highly recommend it to every American

By dannao
This is a must see for every American. So many people cant see any of the destruction happening to this country. This would help them see a bit more clearly....

By davidthegoods
Exceptional movie. A must see....

There's No Place Like Utopia

By sudolabro
Awesome documentary, it's a funny, satire about the government now, well done thought provoking. However, a rude awakening to those who've chosen to keep their eyes closed, it is a reality to nothing...

There's No Place Like Utopia

By nancyluparell
This is a great film!! Lots of information along with being entertaining. Highly recommend this film!!...

Brilliant Metaphor for What's Ailing Us: There is No Wizard & The one who Claims to be, is a Fraud

By telltruthanyway
It took great courage to make this movie. Among other things, the film illustrates clearly the fear in this country (even in places you wouldn't expect) about speaking out and telling the truth about...


By housknuckle
The film was done really simple, but Joel did a great job with making it entertaining and even getting a few laughs here and there. However, when you get down to the content and the message that...

Theres no place like Utopia

By johnson7756
Great message. Very well conceived and produced. Interesting "Wizard of OZ" approach....

Thanks for being brave

By fbaccts
This is a documentary I would wish every American to see. Alas, it is probably way too late to save us from ourselves. The evidence Gilbert presents is overwhelming and well-researched. The "Oz"...

educational and inspiring

By leahcasagranda
I loved this film. I am encouraging those around me to see it and talk about it. My husband and I had a long discussion about the future of our country and the raising of our children after seeing...

There's No Place Like Utopia

By kmodenbach
We were among the enthusiastic crowd that saw Utopia on July 18th. Go see it! You'll enjoy hearing some laughter at those times people in the documentary say things you know to be true. It was a...

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