The Reflecting Pool Synopsis
A journalist's investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks implicates the U.S. government.
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The Reflecting Pool

By f5mando
Everyone needs to see this one. It's very courageous to make a movie like this.These three gutsy people risk everything, including going to jail for a long time for revealing the truth. See it, and...

"The Reflecting Pool" tells it like it is about the 9-11 cover-up!

By magicmarker44
This is a dramatic narrative film, however, it is based on facts and everyone should see this film and follow up with their own research on the 9-11 cover-up. The "official" government story is a...

the reflection pool

By panchojoel
Excellent mind opening film. Open you consciousness to the facts of 9.11. A must see film....

I expected more

By Gary_the_Oscar_Buff
This film was mildly interesting, but somehow I expected more. It was a re-hash of information available through other sources - but was somewhat interesting to see again. The acting was not...

"Reflecting Pool" is a reflection on America

By kymbryonic
I loved this movie & I've seen it twice already. Great acting by the leads & great information. The black hairband made me cry, because I knew exactly what it meant the first time I saw it ... !...

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