The Reaping

By Movie Freak10
Written April 21, 2007
This Movie Was Awsome A Must See
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several solid scares

By basstheplimp
Written April 20, 2007
I saw this movie with my cousin on a rainy monday afternoon, and maybe the glum weather helped set me up; but while I was expecting more of a "wow that is some wierd crazy stuff" type of movie, my cousin and I both found ourselves frightened as jumpy thrills litter the theatre (we were the only ones there). Hilary Swank does a great job, and even though you may think you have ideas as to where the plot is leading, the ending is a wacky twist that made the whole movie that much more worthwhile.
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By suezieq7140
Written April 18, 2007
I loved this movie, the twists in the plot made it very worth watching. I will likely buy this when it comes out on DVD so i can watch it over and over again!!!!
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By Jammers
Written April 21, 2007
The movie was good. Totally not scary at all, but a great attention holder. I would recommend to anyone to go and see this.
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By Therumrunner5
Written September 02, 2012
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