The Reaping Synopsis
A former Christian missionary (Hilary Swank) who lost her faith now debunks religious phenomena.
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Great plot twists

By rljules
This movie has an good way of twisting one way and then another. It shifts so quickly that at times it's hard to keep up with it. I had a little difficulty keeping with the story due to the...

The Reaping

By Movie Freak10
This Movie Was Awsome A Must See...


By Therumrunner5


By suezieq7140
I loved this movie, the twists in the plot made it very worth watching. I will likely buy this when it comes out on DVD so i can watch it over and over again!!!!...

several solid scares

By basstheplimp
I saw this movie with my cousin on a rainy monday afternoon, and maybe the glum weather helped set me up; but while I was expecting more of a "wow that is some wierd crazy stuff" type of movie, my...


By Jammers
The movie was good. Totally not scary at all, but a great attention holder. I would recommend to anyone to go and see this....

My Review

By rccampbell
I thought this movie started out great. Very suspenseful and kept you wondering, "Hmm I wonder what's going to happen next." However, towards the middle and end of the movie, it became your...

The Reaping

By rockin_rob
this was a great thriller with a twist i wasn't expecting. A definate must see...

The Reaping

By fsj
I thought it was a pretty good movie until the end where it started to fall into that same sorta twist at the end, where the supposed good guy is really evil, etc. The special effects were cool,...

very thought provoking.

By flakey
if you can suspend your disbelief(glad I could).all the performances were good,especially hilary swank and the young actress she eventually helps. the imagery was eerily stunning,set the mood...

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Rated R | For violence, disturbing images and some sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Violent thriller has dark religious themes.
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