The Reader.

By Daydream
Written February 03, 2009
The Reader is a lonely and unforgiving story of a boy who falls in love with a woman more than twice his age and never stops loving her even after she leaves unexpectedly. They have a heated summer long affair where they make love and he reads to her. Their pride is too strong to help themselves; he is afraid to be with her and she is afraid to admit her ability to read and write. The story starts out slow with flashbacks to how they met and how they crossed paths after being apart for years and picks up over halfway through. This isnt an uplifting movie, but it is wonderful. I didnt know what to think when the movie ended so I sat there trying to make sense of what I just saw. The Reader touches you at the core. Kate Winslet is iconic, a performance equal if not greater than her's in Revolutionary Road. She has really opened my eyes.
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Very good!

By Lgoaliefan
Written February 01, 2009
This was an excellent movie. Everyone in it was wonderful. I would recommend seeing this movie.
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The full Monty in a unfulfilling film

Written January 10, 2009
I'm disappointed that the director chose to tortured us with so mush sex and nudity that he lost the shock value. The multiple scenes became as dull as the story. While we are expected to see deep into the motives of the prison guard turned pedophile, I frankly became bored and tired of the whole sordid affair. The moral dilemma is whether or not a young law student helps a past lover/ predator/Nazi prison guard out of a sabotage planned by her peers. The movie finishes SLOWLY wrapping up  the choice he makes and how he and she copes with it.
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The Reader

By Chariotier
Written December 17, 2008
Excellent movie all around. My attention never lagged. The less you know about it the more you will enjoy it. So don't read any detailed reviews. You know how the critics can ruin it for you!!!
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I'M MAD! Why didn't anyone tell me what a GREAT MOVIE THIS IS!!!

By AngieCim
Written January 10, 2009
WHAT HAPPENED? Did these people run out of advertising money? Did all the theaters get snow blinded with Buttons and Slumdog? I saw this movie twice already and I am taking my daughter and her boyfriend tonight - If you have not seen this movie, get going ~ ~ that is, if you miss seeing GREAT ACTING, GREAT DIRECTION, GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY . . . . ok, I'll stop for now. Buttons and Slumdog were certainly good movies, but if you miss seeing the kind of movie where everyone is stopped dead in their tracks, no going for popcorn, no going to the bathroom - not even coughing so that they do not miss a single scene . . . and you miss leaving a movie and feeling like you just had great sex or a great meal, then this movie is for you! Sorry, but this is something of greatness that no one should miss! A MUST GO - And, I am hoping it sends a new trend for movies for 2008!
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