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A law student's former lover (Kate Winslet) goes on trial for Nazi war crimes.
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The Reader.

By Daydream
The Reader is a lonely and unforgiving story of a boy who falls in love with a woman more than twice his age and never stops loving her even after she leaves unexpectedly. They have a heated summer...

Very good!

By Lgoaliefan
This was an excellent movie. Everyone in it was wonderful. I would recommend seeing this movie....

The full Monty in a unfulfilling film

I'm disappointed that the director chose to tortured us with so mush sex and nudity that he lost the shock value. The multiple scenes became as dull as the story. While we are expected to see deep...

The Reader

By Chariotier
Excellent movie all around. My attention never lagged. The less you know about it the more you will enjoy it. So don't read any detailed reviews. You know how the critics can ruin it for you!!!...

I'M MAD! Why didn't anyone tell me what a GREAT MOVIE THIS IS!!!

By AngieCim
WHAT HAPPENED? Did these people run out of advertising money? Did all the theaters get snow blinded with Buttons and Slumdog? I saw this movie twice already and I am taking my daughter and her...

The Reader lacked the Writers

By JDB728
I saw this after seeing it'd been nominated for a few major awards, but didn't know what to expect. Now that I've seen it, the only good part about this movie is Kate Winslet's acting, and while it...

Worth Reading

By amamoviecritic
Which is greater: shame-based behavior on a grand, murderous scale, or shame-based behavior on a singular, personal scale? Which is more needed: justice or forgiveness? What is more tragic: sex...

Unique Relationships

By tcripps
The Reader was faithful to the book according to my wife. Both men protraying the lead male character were excellent, revealing personal weakness and flaws in a believeable way. Kate Winslet was...

Dark Tender Heartbreaking

By Boportmouth
Good lord does this movie ask you to think. Not since Hard Candy has my mind whirled from such a film. Go see it. This movie will make you ask questions and consider that which is best left NEVER...

The Reader

By chuchunezbie
This was the best soft-core porn film I've ever seen! When it comes to regular cinema, it was far from best. I was pretty satisfied in being dissatisfied with this movie. I didn't expect much from...

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Rated R | For some scenes of sexuality and nudity