Truly Awesome Movie Rocks Spiritual World

By qualitymoviefan
Written March 04, 2011
Wow. Roland Joffe dared to create a movie about an amazing man, Jose Maria Escriva. I saw one of the pre-screening shows and was so impressed with his handling the story of a current day saint and how he uses themes of grief,forgiveness and other life struggles in horrible wartime scenes. We are challenged to internalize these themes in the context of the Spanish Civil War. Mr. Joffe. I am excited to see the final version.
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Like nothing you have ever seen!

By ElsasserSC
Written May 07, 2011
This movie may appear to be sombre in its deep dive in human condition. If you are unable to move above the ambient cynicism of our time you run the risk of missing the point. You will not be able to understand what true love is and that no matter how desperate our circumstances, God never gives up on us . Very interesting and balanced assessment of the spanish civil war. A very touching and accurate depiction of a true life Saint.
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NOT IN 25 YEARS has.....

By Optimism
Written May 22, 2011
Not since 'The Mission", not in 25 years has there been a movie like this. A true story of FORGIVENESS given under the most dire circumstances. War. Passion. Faith. Cruelty and Murder. This movie is epic, and unforgettable. Thank you to all concerned: the excellent ! actors, photographers, the superb writing and direction. Thank you for such a movie!
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There Be Dragons

By Delray Beach FL
Written May 07, 2011
Well worth waiting for! Excellent- 10 out 0f 10.
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There Be Dragons

By dglick
Written May 04, 2011
I really liked it. Joffe digs into deeper issues that engage the soul. You have to put up with artsy cuteness, but overall a cinematic triumph with a powerful message. . Here Joffe is particularly fascinated by the Christian concept of forgiveness. He dwells on the heroism that enables forgiving even the most heinous of deeds and the capacity for good to come out evil. As St. Josemaría preaches and practices forgiveness, he appears more courageous than the rebels facing bullets and beatings. Christ’s mandate to forgive, which seems so unpalatable to so many, through the lens of Joffé is the greatest and most noble act of all. In his rendering of St. Josemaría Escrivá, Joffé paints a new kind of hero, not a muscle-bound stoic who has been hardened by life into a perpetual scowl, but a joyous leader whose serenity draws others to his path. As played by Charlie Cox, Escrivá almost always has a smile on his lips. Quite soul-stirring.
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