good night out

By ChaosRN
Written April 30, 2012
Not a great first date movie maybe, but if a fan of John cusak or Poe, it is an interesting tale, all be it totally fiction, there was no emily in his life, let alone the last days of it.
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Could Have Been More

By theoldbear
Written April 29, 2012
I suppose with the main character being Edgar A. Poe I expected more. The film just rolled along. It seems to me it could have been deeper and darker. The characters just didn't seem to be well developed. I hate it when I know who did it 15 minutes before the end of the movie.
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By ltlbear
Written April 30, 2012
Loved this movie - a definite to see at least a few more times...If you love Poe's writing you will love this movie...Not a big Cusak fan, but OMG awesome!!!
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Raven Rocks

By bjwilliamscpa
Written April 28, 2012
The Raven was a great story with a Sherlock Holmes type feel. Great actting and storyline. The only thing I didn't lke was the graphic detail of the murders. I shut my eyes several times.
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Dark and Enticing

By jumcdona
Written April 30, 2012
I was a little nervous to go see this due to the not-so-good ratings, but it was worth the money for sure. I love how this movie keeps the dark and dreary settings and plots. John Cusack does an amazing job playing the part of Edgar Alan Poe. The words flow from him with appropriate tone and, at many times, sarcastic intentions.
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