Quoth The Raven !

By Movie_Buff_86
Written April 29, 2012
What a fantastic movie! If you are fans of "Sleepy Hollow", "Sherlock Holmes", and "From Hell" you will enjoy this one with John Cusack! A madman starts brutally murdering people based on Edgar Allan Poe's works. A young police detective will join forces with Poe to put a stop to this lunatic before it becomes reality. Luke Evans, Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson , Kevin McNally , Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Sam Hazeldine play good roles as well. GO SEE IT! Great movie if you love period flicks. The critics are wrong once again!
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Twiting !!

By ODBPete
Written April 29, 2012
Yes maybe it was a little over acted, but the premise was very good. I think maybe some of the No's where looking for the actual story of the Raven, not the movie they got. I enjoyed it, and after talking to a few more people after the movie it seems everyone really liked it. it will never win any awards by any mean however The story was good, the acting OK. but the settings and cinematograhpy were great. I would say go I don't think you ill be disappointed.
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By flyingfar
Written April 29, 2012
I wasn't really sure what to expect with this movie, but it was actually really, really good! It keeps you guessing throughout the entire movie. It is bloody in one part (with the pendulum), but it isn't bad through the rest of it. The characters were all great - well developed and played by great actors. Definitely go see it :)
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The Raven

By It'sDarkInHere
Written April 29, 2012
Suspenseful and clever with interesting references to Poe's works; it makes me want to memorize "The Raven," again. Amazing set and costume designs. Very bloody in some scenes.
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Bungled story line...

By n2zen006
Written April 29, 2012
I used to like John Cusack not sure why but he just did not pull off this characters. In fact none of the actors were very strong in there roles at all. The storyline was very sedating and the murderer was pretty obviously a hidden character. I do have to point out the costume and sets were true to the time also the ending was pleasing. Really feed up with the bad guy getting away and would like to see something even more torturous when it comes to their demise. Note this is from a do-gooder / pacifist. These two aspects were the only pleasant things about the movie. Sorry,, but all in all it just did not leave with the feeling it was worth the price of the tickets and the time i surrendered to it.
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