Another win for Director James McTeigue..

By luckyscoles
Written April 29, 2012
What can I say.. I found the movie atmospheric and evocative. I love films that aren't simply formulaic pablum and this movie surpassed my every expectation. Well worth seeing and highly recommended.
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this movie is worth the money

By Movie geek 1997
Written February 12, 2013
Recently my blockbuster was having a going out of business sale and my dad bought this just thinking it was a good movie. This movie was really good the way they twist the story of edgar allen poe it was like watching abraham linclon vampire hunter. The killings was very gorey but this movie is not a horror movie its a mystery who is the killer?. the ending is suprise but it was really good.
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not bad

By remack11
Written May 01, 2012
It was a pretty good movie good who done it that keeps you wondering throughout the whole film who the murderer is, the dialogue was bad at some points though.
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Close to Cusack's Worst

By rjmoviereviews
Written May 05, 2012
Can we have back the old John Cusack where he picks a movie with a good story (Runaway Jury, Identity) or witty romantic humor (Gross Pointe Blank, Serendipity) or...Well just not this ever again. There are two movies from the Cusack collection I will never watch again - The Ice Harvest and The Raven. Problems with the movie: - Predicable villian by 30 minutes into the film - More face time on Cusack than focus on developing a good story - Poor directing - Poor production - Passable casting - Soft leading lady Positives - I didn't spend as much on the ticket as some people did. Sorry John - you latest movie was a joke. One you might wish you could undue.
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Classic Cusack

By kittygato1230
Written February 19, 2017
John Cusack is classic in his role of Poe. Just creepy enough to pull it off. Not too bloody, just enough to make a point. If you like John Cusack, or Luke Evans it's a must see. If you like a good mystery, or the Edgar Allan Poe stories, it a must see as well.
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