I'm Being Kind.

By WatchItandReviewIt
Written April 29, 2012
There's something about this movie that I like, but I know in my head that it's mediocre. The mystery was the best part of the movie and Joan Cusack did the best acting. He supposedly was not how Edgar Allan Poe was in reality, but it was believable that he was really Poe. The screenplay was terrible, and with other not-so-great actors it didn't work very well. It has it's moments though. The end credits were incredible. So, really I know I should give it a SO-SO, but I'm giving it a GO since I did enjoy it.
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By carltod1
Written May 02, 2012
I have always been a fan of Edgar Allan Poe and share his middle name with the same spelling, which is not the more common spelling *Allen* and so I may be a little easier on it than some, but I also am a John Cusack fan as well, so the two of them together made for great chemistry. The movie is fiction as were Mr. Poe's writings and it was a murder mystery wrapped up in a period piece suit. It kept me interested and curious from the start to the final credits which were something else that were well crafted. I would say to anyone if you like murder mysteries and are a fan of Edgar Allan Poe and John Cusack you can't miss this movie. I'll give it a 4.5 out of a scale of 5. Not sure why the critics are all over it with negative reviews, but don't let that stop you as you can see from user reviews they are a lot more positive. I think a lot of the so called critics don't know a good movie when it bites them in the ****.
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Quoth "The Raven" Nevermore

By Reel Reviewer
Written July 25, 2016
Not that I expected to walk out of this movie with a newly discovered sense of life, or inspirational quotes, or even to be thoroughly impressed with it, it was expectedly macabre. Cusack, who I love, was good and his fiance is beautiful, but the movie kind of just happens. There's nothing memorable. There's nothing gripping. There's nothing drawing you in at all, really. That said, it passes the "not a bad way to kill time" test so long as you wait to Redbox it and not waste $10 at a theater.
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By fiddyjr
Written February 09, 2016
Being from Maryland and I know a little more than the average joe about Poe, it was ok. Decent storyline. Wish they could have explained each story a litte better, but it's Hollywood.. I'd watch it again
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A Great Movie!

By thewickedtruth31
Written June 29, 2016
Though it was a little long, something I didn't mind but a few of the people I took were a little unhappy with, I enjoyed this movie. It is not a normal you can sit down and figure out the person doing the crime right off nor is it a well why the hell was it that person either at the end. It kept you guessing without the cheap trick of not showing you the person or giving you a lame reason at the end. Also, it was so well written and brought to the screen, the casting couldn't have been better for the movie. Not once did I sit there and think, "This would have been just a little better if not perfect if so-and-so had been in it instead". But, be warned for those that want another of John Cusack movie, this is not it. The closest I can say it comes is his role in 1408 style verses his normal line of staring roles. He was masterful in this movie and makes a great Poe for this era. Please go and enjoy this movie!
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