Rape of Europa ia a MUst See!

By miltonpat
Written August 13, 2007
The intrinsic drama attached to this topic is well-portrayed. Though they don't mention it, I could ot help but think of the Taliban destroying priceless Buddha statues, and the irreperable looting of Baghdad art in the early days of the Iraq occupation. I did not know the history of the Monuments Men, who helped preserve the legacy of art from Europe by traveling with the US Army and working with them when air targets were established. There are many touching moments, for example: artwork restored to the descendants of Jews whose families were killed in the camps, and a man forced to sort through belongings of Jews coming across his own family's photos and dishes. Very touching and enlightening. A LOT of information I had never heard about.
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The Rape of Europa

By amlmb
Written January 03, 2008
Everyone should see this movie.
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Rape of Europa

By Beegie Adair
Written July 13, 2008
My husband and I thought it was the best thing we've seen in a long time. First rate documentary, beautifully shot, great music, and riveting in subject matter. The theatre was pretty full, also, unusual for a documentary. Very moving. A real 'must see'.
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