Learning to the past behind him

By clark2600
Written December 27, 2015
Ex Vietnam vet Eric Lomax was left alone relive his excruciating memories of the former war, involving his abduction by Japanese fighting army. Though decades have passed, his nightmare is still vivid and intense. He sought out his oppressor, Japanese militia officer Nagase, found working at a cultural museum. Faith is put to the test, where he is left to concede whether to put into action his retaliatory act or renege and turn and walk away. I was glad that he did not escalate the episode by following the example extolled by the Japanese military officer and mirror his horrific act and move on with his life. The war left behind harmful memories for all our veterans, who like Lomax, are left to relive these horrible memories. Towards their present condition of life, it would be great to know that there are those who embrace those who hath served, alone and abandoned after their serving their country.
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Strong and moving commentary on war

By chinawood
Written August 13, 2014
Excellent performances all around, and while a bit slow, very moving in its depiction of PTSC and the eventual healing from horrific war crimes.. Definitely recommend..
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Railway Man

By haciendacusin
Written January 06, 2015
nicole kidman: an exceptional performance. colin firth: colin firth. subtle but, unlike kidman, unable to transform himself. writing/story: continuity & time-frame problems. unexplained circumstances. poor character development. principle characters seemed unemployed & somewhat lost. unnecessary, over-extended torture scenes. editing: decidedly odd. cinématography: average. missed the location ambiance. morning-after effect: not a memorable film. - not for children. comparison: FAR superior, bridge on the river kwai.
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By rudisill
Written December 27, 2015
I. Colin Firth is an extremely dull and boring Supporting Actor in this film; II. JEREMY IRVINE totally deserves and should definitely receive his Oscar Academy Award for BEST ACTOR for his incredibly superb portrayal of "Lomax" as a young British officer in World War Two Singapore, trying desperately to endure un-imaginable torture to the very brink of death by the world's most evil, depraved and sadistic Japanese Prison Camp torturer; III. At the end of the film Firth's elderly character confronts his sadistic Japanese prison camp torturer; IV. HOWEVER, instead of avenge the unspeakable deadly tortures which grotesquely killed millions of brave and noble Allied Forces' war prisoners, "Lomax" turns out to be an even more vile, despicably MasochisticHomosexualPervert who RELISHED THESE DEADLY TORTURES and BEGS his un-imaginably SADISTIC JAPANESE WAR CRIMINAL to be his MALE f-ckbuddy, thereby ENRAGING EVERY FILM-GOER IN THE FREE WORLD & DEMANDING THE PRODUCERS BE EXECUTED FOR TREASON
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The Railway Man

By judyluvscats506
Written August 13, 2014
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