GREAT movie!

By agraham0818
Written April 16, 2012
I am normally not an action movie kinda girl but THIS was awesome. After hearing about it on the radio, I told the hubby he would probably like it and I think I ended up liking it more than he did LOL. Great actors, great action, although there was a TON of violence. LOVED it, def NOT a waste of money. GO GO GO!
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By cleblanc9307
Written April 14, 2012
Damn that was probably the best action movie I have seen since the Expendables... DAMN. The fight scenes were so well choreographed it was ridiculous. I was impressed and felt I got my money worth. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
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By shah11417
Written April 18, 2012
this movie was not highly publicized so i took a chance to see it, i read the viewers reviews and they were mostly positive..well this movie was amazing, the story was good, the fight scenes were amazing. the actors were all fighters and did thier own stunts...this is a small non hollywood movie set in indonesia ...this movie was well done and very smart. not a boring part ..kept me jumping in my seat...i want everyone who can stand blood and gore to go see this movie...not for the faint hearted..definitely a guy flick....
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A real rush!

By ScarletDeceiver
Written April 12, 2012
If you are a fan of action movies, particularly the Jon Woo classics of yesteryear, see this movie! Violent -- yes, but thrilling and exciting! An Amazing movie!
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By ACO007
Written April 24, 2012
Great man date take the fellas. Simple yet complete movie with a solid storyline that doesn't get completely drowned out by the super high action and intense fight scenes. Definitely one to watch!
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