The Raid 2 Synopsis
Undercover cop Rama gets himself thrown in jail as part of a plan to infiltrate a crime family.
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good old-fashioned bone-cracking action, blood and balls to the wall

By bayarea415able
I figure that this was a continuation from Raid: The Redemption. I was surprised by the smooth transition from the first movie to his next assignment. The blood was perfectly done. Fight...

Everything I hoped for and More!!!!!!!!!!!

By Spursfan316
Raid: Redemption was a very good movie with memorizing action scenes. The Raid 2 blows the 1st one out of the water. The story can be a little slow about halfway through but then it picks up and...


By Stevie Bee
The Raid 2 gets a rating of five nunchucks and a bonus throwing star! The first movie was off the hook but these sequel fight scenes are nothing less than spectacular. The villain cast reads like a...

The Raid 2

By TxBigRed1
This movie was fast paced and filled with tediously long fights. No where in the advertising or trailer do they mention that all but about 15 seconds of the movie you have to read subtitles...really?...

Awesome - Going Back to see it again

By princessva
A thousand times better than the first. I thought the first was GOOD, but dang they did an awesome job on the second one as well. Saw it this Friday with my adult children. Going back next weekend...


By Biggie21
Greatest Of All Time! Strong words but this movie blows any other action movie out of the water. The Raid 2 begins right where The Raid: Redemption left off and seamlessly blends the story together....


By suhailjunaidi
No words remain to describe this master piece created by Gareth Evans. This movie is exciting in many level and they fights are all unreal and very well done. Raid just out does it self in every...

Best Action Film So Far This Year!

By denger76
If you love martial arts and non stop meaningful action you will love this film! Also, if you liked the first movie, The Raid: Redemption this one is 10X better if you can believe that since that...

Foreign Film Fantastic

By greggouw
Seldom is the sequel better than the original. The movei "Aliens" managed this feat and it's the only one I can think of. "The Raid 2" also blows away the original that was "not bad for foreign...

Action out the wazoo

By oneshoeseth
I hadn't seen the first, but my friend and I are big movie buffs and he was ridiculously excited to see this. I knew to expect well choreographed action sequences, but what ensued was much more....

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Rated R | For strong bloody violence, sexuality and language
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Common Sense Media says Amazing fights, brutal violence in undercover cop tale.
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