What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Raid 2 is the sequel to the ultra-violent Indonesian action film The Raid: Redemption, following the same lead character, who's now an undercover cop instead of a rookie. Violence is very strong, with many highly skilled martial arts scenes, but also lots of shooting, stabbing, slicing, blood, gore, and death. There's also an extended car chase with crashes. One scene takes place in a warehouse where porn videos are made, with a topless woman and some intense sex talk. Language includes frequent uses of "f--k," "s--t," and other words in the subtitles. Many of the gangster characters drink and smoke socially in clubs and in meetings, though no one is shown to be drunk. Since the movie is subtitled and runs 150 minutes, it's for hardcore action fans only.
  • Families can talk about The Raid 2's violence. Is it possible to showcase martial arts skill without a great deal of blood and gore? How would that have made this movie different? How does the impact of the violence in a movie like this one compare to what you might see in a horror movie?
  • Could this movie have been as interesting without the references to sex, smoking, and alcohol? How necessary were those things to the plot?
  • What is the appeal of the "undercover cop" subgenre? What's at stake for the character?
  • Is The Raid 2 a good demonstration of martial arts? Is it used for self-defense or for unleashing violence?
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