The Quitter Synopsis
A failed baseball player tries to become a father to the 7-year old girl he left before she was born.
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The Quitter-Do Not Miss

By kathyene
The best smiles I have seen! Georgie gives a mean scowl. Remember this dynamic duo Matthew and Julianna. Join them on their cinematic journey. I know you will enjoy. I had the pleasure to meet Dan...

Excellent indie film

By stephenmlocastro
Very good movie with genuine heart and a true soul. It's a sincere effort that pulls you into the world of the protagonists and gets you to care about all of them. It's very real in the sense that it...

The Quitter

By jkling4378
Finally, a refreshing movie that was not a book adaptation or based on a true story, but instead came from the imaginations of its creators, writer, and director. The editing was outstanding and...

Funny and a little sad

By Chris301
This was such a great character-driven story that had me laughing one minute an teary-eyed the next. A home run of a movie....


By evablockstein
This movie is absolutely fantastic. Great plot, and acting and has an amazing storyline. Brought tears to my eyes, I absolutely recommend it....

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Rated NR