What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The Quiet Ones is a supposedly fact-based horror movie that's set in 1974 England. There's lots of arguing, fighting, punching, and bashing with cricket bats, plus some burns and bloody corpses, but the bulk of the movie's scares consist of loud, sudden jump shocks. A disturbed college-age young woman undergoes a series of unsettling tests and is often heard screaming. One of the female characters is shown to be in a sexual relationship with two of the male characters; some brief nudity is shown (glimpse of a breast and backside), and the sounds of sex can be heard through a door. Language is infrequent but includes at least one use of "f--k" and "s--t." Characters smoke lots of cigarettes (accurate for the era the movie takes place in).
  • Families can talk about The Quiet Ones' violence. How does it compare to what you've seen in other horror/scary movies? How do the violent scenes make you feel? How do the filmmakers achieve this?
  • Is The Quiet Ones scary? What's the difference between a "jump shock" (or a loud, sudden noise) and something that causes tingles and feels truly frightening?
  • If this movie is based on a true story, how much of it feels real? How much seems to have been invented to become a horror movie? How does it compare to other "true story" horror movies you've seen?
  • The movie takes place in the '70s, which is likely why the characters smoke so much. Is it jarring to see that happening on screen, or does it reinforce the era the movie takes place in? How are things different today?
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