Very Cute

By MegMc1210
Written December 18, 2006
The film focuses on all of the bad things that happen in Chris Gainer's (Will Smith) life. I felt that the film was a little too depressing through out the entire film with literally only about 5 minutes of the good part of his life. I wish they had shown more about what positive things happened after he became sucessful!
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Greatest Movie of 2006

By VMAN of the Theaters
Written December 16, 2006
This movie brings together both greatness and the enduring spirit of the American father. It will be one to pass that will and should be looked on by all fathers and futures fathers for the next generation. The acting by Will Smith is legendary! Truly some of his best work. The Director gave the audience just what they need in all the right spots. I truly hope that when my children are older they might look to me as the whole country should now look at Will Smith's character. This movie will last for my lifetime and I hope many lifetimes to follow.
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By destinyl0723
Written December 19, 2006
Must See Movie!
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Feel Good Movie

By bdowney901
Written December 22, 2006
As the title states...not a bad movie just predictable. Great acting on both Wil Smith and his son. It does make me realize that aome of lifes problems are small in comparison to how bad it could be. Love the acting, great story just missing something for me.
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great performance, so-so movie

By bmazz1008
Written December 18, 2006
Will Smith is worth going to see the movie for. He gives a very good performance. The movie is good, but moves slower than I thought it would, and I found myself wandering at times. I wasn't blown away, but I didn't feel ripped off.
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