Pursuit of Happyness

By REgal_PursuitHappyness
Written December 25, 2006
I enjoy the principal of the movie, and as well as the spirit of a determined person. This is a great movie for everyone. There's something in it for everyone. From the person who's struggling, to the wife that trying to be support when the family is struggling, to the employeer who allowed to hire not based upon appearance but on a persons character, and for those that feel like the odds are stacked against. - "baby steps count too". Just a fundamental, good movie. And of course the acting of Will and his son where great too!
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What American needs to here

By dantheman
Written December 26, 2006
With so much negativity in the world and talk of the long lost "American Dream" Pursuit of Happiness brings things into perspective. Young people need to know that it is still possible for them to rise above their circumstances and achives success. Go with your family and you will have a lot to discuss afterward!
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Re: Excellent Movie

By lovengoodmovies
Written December 22, 2006
All I have to say is that this movie will make you reflect on how good God(Jesus) has been to you.....
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Happiness with and I

By mageman007
Written December 19, 2006

Very good movie. Inspirational, entertaining, Heartwarming and a good use of 10 bucks! Will smith played the role to the fullest...I think i might smell and oscar nod.

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Didn't see the whole thing!!!

By Fun4Kidz
Written December 23, 2006
We had to evacuate the theatre because of a fire emergency so I only saw the first half. I can say that what I saw was deep, emotional, and inspiring. Will Smith portrays a father determined to change his destiny and his son's future. I can't wait to see the film in its entirety!
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