Excelllent performances in My Happyness will keep you engaged

By Jim Spee
Written December 13, 2006
Will Smith (Chris) and son, Jaden (Christopher), are the anchors that keep My Happyness moving forward on an even keel. The film brings together the conflicting worlds of stockbrokers and the homeless without getting disoriented. Chris achieved the American dream beyond what most of us aspire to, becoming a successful broker after a year on the street. But what about the other 10,000 people in line for a room at the shelter? I guess they didn't have what it took to survive a six month unpaid intership (neither would I!). Jaden Smth's wide eyed faith in his father even things are at their worst, and his melt down when they are locked out of their motel room for failure to pay all keep his character at the forefront of our attention. We want to know how he will respond to Chris's latest advance or setback. The film could run a little shorter and benefit from title cards instead of voice overs to deliniate the chapters in Chris's life. Overall, a nicely done film.
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Same old will smith formula

By flat masala
Written December 18, 2006
This movie further demonstrates why will smith is an entertainer, and not an actor, nor an artist. The movie plays to the lowest common denominator, and you can almost hear hallmark or kleenex pulling puppet strings in the background.
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I loved this

By J's momma
Written December 22, 2006
I had the good fortune of getting to see this movie at a private screening. I saw it again last weekend, I paid to see it again. Will Smith is phenomenal and his son's talent is obvious in this movie that made me cry, laugh, and cheer.
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By patrickdkim
Written December 19, 2006
Movie is def. an eye opener. Only draw back, Thandie Newton looks about 75 pounds, far from Mission Impossible 2. Say what you want, Fresh Prince is a talented dude... "Holla at cha 80's"
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It is duh best movee evr.

By Speshul_Kid™
Written December 27, 2006
The persoot of hapyniss is the bestis movee evr. I luve ite.
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