Pursuit of Happyness

By jenner74
Written December 18, 2006
It was a great movie! It really made you think about how blessed you are and that your loved ones support you!
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Decent Movie...had more potential

By split654
Written December 20, 2006
The Pursuit of Happyness was overall a decent movie. It is a story that you can be entertained and gain alot from at the same time. The story holds your interest throughout most of the movie, and you can feel the stress that the characters are going through. The only thing that really bothered me was the ending. The ending didn't have enough closure for me, but I guess how else do you end a movie like that. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be, but my expectations were high. This movie did have high potential and I defintely think it could have been better, but Will Smith and his son did a good job of portraying what a poverty stricken family is like. I would definitely go see it though. I think anybody would and should be interested in a story as true and real as this.
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The Pursuit of Happyness

By kacottle
Written December 23, 2006

Truly an "over-the-top" movie on survival, that demonstrates success when all circumstances are at their most daunting.  I felt that the movie devoted 99% of the time to trial and perseverance and only allowed the audience to read about the victory in captions in the end.  I want to live some of the victory with the hero.  Lastly, this person obviously had what it takes to succeed but what about the others in the food line at the shelter?  In spite of the hero's victory, I walked away from the movie in a state of depression.

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Awesome Eyeopener

By first_timer
Written December 16, 2006
This movie will take any working class, paycheck to paycheck couple through a myriad of emotions. The financial stress shown in this movie is REAL. The husband’s desire on wanting to raise his son in the midst of the financial struggle is REAL from any great dad’s perspective. I felt the child was his benchmark, his equalizer, in a tough situation that only pursuing life will accomplish. The character showed that even in the midst of HARD times, always pursuing something better than where you are, take sacrifices and taking THAT chance on the possibility that something better will eventually. Whether Will Smith or my husband, was the star, I believe I would have felt the exact same way. I felt every emotion from being disgusted with his wife's attitude, to understanding what he felt with not being able to provide for his family, to wanting his son to know him as his father, to the hard work it took for the internship, to the joy he felt in the end. Everyone should see this movie!
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Heat Felt Of Reality !!!

By ''movieobserver''
Written December 26, 2006
Over the last three years I have been impresssed with Will Smith's acting abilities. It feels good to see a positive ''FILM OF REALITY'' which has shown the entire U.S. along with the African Community that there's ''HOPE'' that surpasses all circumstances. (''We just need to strive and exceed our inner most abilities, regardless of our individual circumstances. (''STOP PLACING BLAME ON OTHERS FOR FAILURES AND LOOK AT OURSELVES IN THE MIRROR'') *****DETERMINATION IS KEY ****** In my review of the movie, there was parts which where very ''HEART FELT'' and made be to become more ''THANKFUL'' for the simple things that I have in life; EX.) Food, Shelter & Clothing. The only thing that I didn't like is that I can see that there were a lot of parts which was missing in the film. It made me attempt to purchase the actual ''BOOK'' so that I'm able to get the full scope of reality. Like Sickel & Ebbert Would Probably SAY'' ''THUMBS UP''
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