By Roshin Rowjee
Written February 12, 2007
The title "Pursuit of Happyness" is relative to the circumstances of an individual person. Thus, happiness to one person is different from another person. However, the thread that binds happiness is having the necessities to live a fruitful life: peace, food, shelter, clothing, and above all, money. Thus, when Chris Gardner found difficulty needing these basic necessities, his life changed. This movie resonates how diligence, motivation, and freedom allows any citizen to pursue the American dream. This movie chronicles Mr. Gardner’s steadfast determination to obtain “happiness”. Although challenging at times, with good people, a little luck, and a few breaks, Mr. Gardner achieved more than anything he possibly could have envisioned. Personally, I have Mr. Gardner's same desire, and hopefully, my life will have similar results. I left the movie not only admiring Mr. Gardner's achievements; but also, I left the movie in awe of the wisdom of our country's founding fathers.
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True Inspirational Story Line

Written December 20, 2007
I really enjoyed this movie. Will smith and his son do a fantastic job in the movie. I strongly recommend watching this movie.
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my the pursuit of happyness review

By lord-o-movies
Written July 21, 2008
very good movie will smith and his son were perfect together im glad i saw this movie because it makes you apperciate they things you have in life
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A Very Pleasant Surprise

By antidote518
Written December 23, 2006
When I think of Will Smith movies like MIB 2 and Hitch come to mind. While I did like Hitch, I'm more inclined to liking drama. This movie is so touching and heartfelt. I sometimes forget that Will Smith is an excellent actor...this movie reminded me. You can't miss this movie if you're into dramatic films. When you watch this film you will laugh with his character, cry with him, and pull for him.
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Absolutely Amazing

By edge of eli
Written April 03, 2010
This movie is so good, it is absolutely amazing. This is moy favorite movie and I watch it like ten times a year or more. I like Will Smith and I think he does a good job acting. I also like Jaden Smith and have seen him with Will Smith in this movie and the Day The Earth Stood Still. I also can't wait to see him in the Karate Kid re-make. This movie is a great story of a real family that has a lot of problems in their life. This is definitely one of Will Smith's most touching performances of his career, ranking up there with Seven Pounds. I would definitely reccomend you watch this movie. Any age group could watch it really, but it has a small amount of strong language.
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