The Purge (2013) Synopsis
In a future society, the government holds an annual 12-hour period during which all crime is legal.
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Interesting Concept, Bad Execution

By MedRed
I'm torn over this high concept movie. The Purge does not lack in creating edge-of-your-seat tension. There are 4 or 5 high impact scenes and the movie incorporates a nice twist. So what's the...


By vikingman2007
I have never written a movie review for Fandango but decided to do so with The Purge because I want to warn everyone that if you have seen the ads on TV then you have seen the best part of the movie....

Oh no, hell no...

By oguzkagansaltik
I never felt the need to write a review about any movie, and believe you me, I've seen my share of movies. This movie is by far the biggest waste of time. Great setting, but absolutely no plot, no...

Go see this movie!

By crystalpuccio
In my opinion I thought this movie was good. My husband and I saw it and we liked it. It makes you think as well as make you ask yourself, "What is the one crime I would do if I was given the chance...

Rent it

THE PURGE The Good: The premise of the story was actually pretty good. For 12hrs, 1 night of the year, all crime including murder is legal. A family gets terrorized because their son tried to do a...


By melissa2487
I have to give 'The Purge' a B+. I know a lot of people hated this movie but I really liked it. I very rarely get scared during a movie but this one had me all tensed up. I'm sure it's doubtful it...

Good Movie. Not great.

By weshop
For those of you who thought that you would be scared out of your skin, this is definitely not one of those movies. Seems like there was more laughter in the audiences than screams of terror. ...


By davekelly1998
Purge was a good movie it had some scary parts but the best thing about the movie is it makes you think about what would life really be like if the laws were like this today. What would it do to...


i like a good psychological thriller.... but this was not it! I'd kill to save my family too!! But this movie was not my favorite! OH well they cant all be!!!...

Don't let "The Purge" purge your wallet of cash

By Ultra101
The premise for this movie was actually pretty good, but the execution was just piss-poor. It turned out to be the most boring thriller I've ever seen. There are so many contrived scenes and the...

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Rated R | For Strong disturbing violence and some language
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Common Sense Media says Home invasion movie has intense ideas, strong violence.
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