A huge improvement over the first!

By qdaw99
Written September 12, 2014
So I went into this movie exercising much caution, because the first Purge movie did a good job of building up the hype but in the end it just didn't live up to it, which left me so disappointed (so surprise its ranked 1-star on here). Fast forward to the Purge: Anarchy and wow what a vast improvement. I was praying that you couldn't make it any worse than the first and those prayers were answered and then some. Not only did it have a good storyline, the character development was much better and people exercised more common sense. Certain parts of the movie were predictable and others made you angry from people's plain foolishness and stupidity. In the end, it (honestly) made me jump at least once and it took me on a nice ride that had me on the edge of my seat. I loved how they didn't use the whole first 1/3 of the movie for development, it just kind of hit the ground running like a roller coaster that just starts climbing almost right after it leaves the station. You won't find it hard to be gripped and taken for a ride, that's for sure. If you have a free night, it's worth a watch! And fingers crossed that the franchise continues!
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49 year old mother of two teens loved it

By glittergrl
Written September 07, 2014
This second movie of the Purge franchise really delivers. Entertaining from beginning to end. Well acted; well done overall. I'd recommend it.
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The Purger:Anarchy

By JoyceM54
Written November 18, 2014
I loved the first Purge movie. This one I feel was even better! A MUST SEE movie
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What???? Bad.

By RobJ44
Written November 26, 2014
Just awful. Save the $$ on something better (which would be anything). All whites are rich and control everything and blah blah blah
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By givenskeith
Written September 07, 2014
A very realistic view of American society. Absolutely loved this movie
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