Written April 30, 2009
Wed 4/29 - I just attended the advance press screening of this 1hr 45mins romantic comedy starring the charmingly expressive Ryan Reynolds(Van Wilder, Definitely/Maybe, Blade 3, Wolverine) and the beautiful/talented Sandra Bullock(Speed, Miss Congeniality, etc.). And as a MAJOR fan of these two stars - I was delighted by this rib-tickling heart-warming top-shelf well-written comedy. The strong supporting cast (especially the adorable Betty White) helped elevate this movie above and beyond mediocrity. The preview audience was in stitches throughout the entire time - yes, we all had a GREAT time - totally enjoyed The Proposal. ALERT!!! SPOILERS: Betty White as a new age 'shaman' was HILARIOUS. 'Naked' Ryan and Sandra colliding - wow!!! Ramone was EVERYWHERE - waiter, stripper, pastor/priest. 'The Witch Is On Her Broom' - BEWARE! VERDICT: A really fun enjoyable TOP-RATE comedy. Definitely a SUPERB date movie - even the chaps were chuckling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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A Comedy with Romance

By moodrojam
Written May 13, 2016
Ever since I heard about the film, I wanted to see it because I love Sandra Bullock and enjoy Ryan Reynolds comedic nature, so I was excited that I had a chance to it with an advanced screening yesterday (April 16). Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds make a good pair for humor. This is a romantic comedy, with strong emphasis on comedy. The best yet, the elements of "chick-flick" were kept to a very minimal. So as a guy, I really enjoyed it. Not only was it entertaining, but the comedy brought back humor I experienced with "Meet the Parents". There were plenty of outright hilarious scenes, to the point of falling out of your seat, and the rest of the film, for the most part, keeps a smile on your face with ecstatic delight. This film is a great date movie, as long as the person you are with has a sense of humor. It's even good enough to watch with fellow buddies, because the comedy will leave you with an entertained impression. Go see it, if you like to laugh.
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Disappointed in Sandra

By Shadowfax0925
Written July 18, 2009
The movie was good but I was disappointed in Sandra. Her movies have always been very funny without stooping to nudity. This was NOT brief and gave you an eye full several times with all but her one arm covering her breasts and a crumpled wash cloth barly covering the lower half. Then the full side view of her and him together very nude was another blow. Then there is stripper with some of his moves. Sometimes I wonder where our minds have gone when we think these things are funny and no big deal. I may be behind in the times but I have never felt that including these things inhanced a good performance and was needed for the ability to act or be funny. I am sad to think that now I have to monitor a once very funny and wholsome actresses movie for content. She is a great actress without having to bare all.
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"The Proposal" - The Best Sandra Bullock Movie....Ever!

By sweetivylyn
Written June 19, 2009
Just came out of the 11:10AM show at AMC in Port Chester, N.Y. and am feeling extremely uplifted! The theatre was "packed" for a 1st show on a Friday morning of opening day...primarily women and teenage girls, but a few guys were there as well. Initially I thought it was going to be a movie of little substance, but just about 10 minutes into it I could tell that this movie was indeed going to be a pleasant surprise! Sandra Bullock plays a high level Publishing exec. and Ryan Reynolds, her assistant. Think of Sigourney Weaver in "Working Girl"; She is obviously a "witch" and totally self absorbed. When it's discovered her Canadian work Visa hasn't been extended because of an out of country trip she took without "permission" by the U.S. Government, she's about to be deported and won't be able to work for any US company, even from Canada, for at least a year and non-stop comedy, with some tears along the way, ensues! The entire cast was brilliant, especially Betty White as Grandma!
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OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written June 19, 2009
Normally i LOVE chick flicks because I'm gay, and my boyfriend always brings me to them. But i didin't even laugh like a little girl in this movie. I was hopeing for a good chick flick but this made me wish I would have been more like a guy and saw an action film.
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