I loved it!

By jojackie
Written June 18, 2008
I really wish Fandango would get rid of these little speech bubbles with 'oh no!' or 'must go!' ....page after page of so-called user reviews are simply these stupid bubbles, and they are not at all helpful in deciding whether to see a film or not; anyone with half a brain can write a few words about why they loved or hated a film. We don't care about the opinions of anyone who possesses less!!! I really, really, enjoyed this smart and 'little' comedy/drama. It was wonderfully executed and it cemented in my mind that Sean William Scott is truly a good actor, despite those American Pie movies! I've always been a fan of John C. Reilly, he was excellent. The only thing that slightly bugged me was his wife's character being Scottish- no offense to the Scots, and I love Lili Taylor, but the accent did not work; it was distracting in its fakeness, and it was just unnecessary. I loved the Fred Armisen character, he was spot-on. This movie is the new 'Clerks'.
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Promotion/GO SEE IT, unless you are an American Pie idiot

By snoopyrocks
Written June 14, 2008
I almost did not go to this movie becuase of the lead actors association with one of the worst characters in film. Especially, when I saw NO on the fan meter. Luck of the draw, I went. Within a few minutes I realized that it is the idiots that liked American Pie and his character that have said NO. This is easily one of the best comedies in ages, and unfortauntley the Stifler fans may have a profound affect on the audience turnout. The movie is intelligent, well written and the acting is incredible. It is not predicatble. I recceomend this movie to people who like intelligent comedy, not slapstick "focus group" films. The small audience loved it.
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It’s Hard Out Here For An Assistant Manager:

By jimchudnow
Written April 24, 2008
[Based on an advance preview:] One-upsmanship, backstabbing. It sounds like the latest ELECTION. But, in this case, it’s the story of competition for a promotion from being an Assistant Manager to a full Manager at a soon-to-open store of a local grocery chain (which actually does involve "politics" of a certain type). Writer / director Steve Conrad has crafted a clever and enjoyable commentary on the difficulty of getting really ahead in today’s America. There are quite good, understated (rather than overblown) performances by SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT & JOHN C. REILLY as the dueling A-M’s who are periodically seduced by the “dark side” to try and beat the other and win the higher pay. The side characters (including JENNA FISCHER, GIL BELLOWS and JASON BATEMAN) add flavor to the mix. The audience laughed regularly and enjoyed the vagaries of the competition and the difficulties faced in the Aisles of Right and Wrong. To me, a 4* film out of 5; opening June 6th.
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The Promo-shunned

By rockhell
Written June 24, 2008
This movie was a super solid MEH. Considering the stellar cast, I was hoping for so much more but this movie pretty much had maybe 2-3 laugh out loud moments tops (definitely the "black apples" part) so I would have to say this is a DVD rental if even that. Sorry, but this movie really really could have (SHOULD HAVE) been so much better.
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The Promotion

By denegri
Written June 24, 2008
What a waste of good theatre money. Poor color. Inane cinematography. Wasted energy.
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